Beyond the balance sheet

Where is the data in your online accounting software being kept?

Ercan Demiralay 27/7/2016 6 minute read

Ercan Demiralay FCCA explains the complex world of where your financial data is held when using online accounting software.

When is the right time to be valuing a business?

James Tillotson 29/6/2016 5 minute read

James Tillotson FCA explains exactly when valuing a business is both advantageous and necessary for owner-managers.

Why you need to implement a PSC register now

Ercan Demiralay 09/6/2016 5 minute read

Ercan Demiralay FCCA explains why you must register people with significant control as part of a new reporting requirement for UK businesses.

How to compare online accounting software providers

Joe Lennon 26/5/2016 5 minute read

Joe Lennon FCCA assesses the different cloud software and online accounting providers in the marketplace.

Your full service payroll - why reshoring to the UK is the safe option

Jasmine Brook 25/5/2016 5 minute read

Jasmine Brook explains that when outsourcing your payroll function, you should look for firms that deliver this work in the UK and not overseas.

UK EU referendum: What you need to know about how the EU works

Chris Thompson 24/5/2016 9 minute read

Chris Thompson explains the set up and internal legislative workings of the EU in the run up to the UK referendum on membership.

Why Brexit (not Bremain) is the shrewd path in the UK EU referendum

Chris Thompson 18/5/2016 11 minute read

Chris Thompson analyses why Brexit, and not Bremain, is the right course for the UK in the upcoming referendum on EU membership.

Employee retention strategies for the rise of the commuter

Jasmine Brook 17/5/2016 4 minute read

Jasmine Brook explains how employees are forced into a long commute to get on the property ladder and what SME businesses can do to retain them.

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