Tax planning and advice to help you grow and protect your wealth.

As an individual it is important to consider the impact of your decisions in terms of your tax burden and what this means for your prosperity. Pensions, assets, estates and remuneration schemes are just some of the areas where the options you choose will impact on your wealth and what you can then pass on to your children.

Wellers can help you understand the tax implications of the options available so that you then avoid the potential pitfalls. Our approach is designed to identify the opportunities and minimise your exposure to income, capital gains and inheritance tax. Typically we conduct this work for business owners, families and high net worth individuals.

We can advise of the tax efficient opportunities potentially available to you through:

Tax planning

Wellers can conduct a thorough review of your personal financial affairs to identify all the areas where potential tax savings can be achieved. In each tax year we can also advise you of legislative changes and implement initiatives to protect your tax efficient profile.

Inheritance tax

The death of a loved one can result in up to 40% of their estate being paid in inheritance tax to the government. We can advise you of the opportunities available including tax efficient wills and making use of gifts.

Trusts and estates

As part of your inheritance tax planning, depending on your circumstances, we can set you up, account for and administer a suitable trust that allows you to set aside assets for future beneficiaries in a tax efficient manner.

Capital gains tax

Capital gains tax is payable by UK residents on the sale of assets, including those held abroad. Through careful consideration we can potentially use reliefs, exemptions and time scales to help reduce the amount of gains that qualify under this form of taxation, thereby saving you money.  


If you have different sources of income, we can set you up to operate out of a tax efficient structure that ensures you enjoy more net income. 

Wealth management

We can provide you with introductions to our network of independent financial advisors who can help put your hard earned money to work through investments, retirement planning and savings while assisting you with mortgages and loans.


I have always found the Wellers team to be responsive, insightful, hardworking and solutions orientated. No question is too difficult nor task too hard. Whether it is asking for advice, or exploring challenges that are not so obvious, Wellers are very professional, and will put themselves in your shoes to give the best possible and rounded service. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Miranda Grubb, Co-Founder of Lizard Orchid