Forecasting models designed to assist your business planning and investment decision making.

The production of regular, forward looking financial numbers is vital to business owners, providing critical information as to what to focus on and implement given the available resources. However, the importance of a cash flow forecast and profit & loss projections doesn't just stop at owners and directors, they will also be of real interest to potential providers of finance.

For start-ups this can be particularly useful for obtaining funding for new operations while for established businesses it can help secure investment spending to achieve the next level of growth and expansion.

We can help you by:

  • Preparing regular profit and cash flow forecasts in the management accounts for review and discussion with the management team
  • Creating ‘what if’ models to assess the potential consequences of specific investment decisions
  • Integrating profit and cash flow forecasting into the regular planning process
  • Integrating profit and cash flow forecasting into the company strategy
  • Meeting obligations under the Companies Act 2006
  • Flexibility analysis that reflects the robustness of the company moving forward

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I would highly recommend the skills, dedication and attention to detail of Wellers. They provide the right amount of support and guidance for businesses to thrive and flourish. This is based on a partnership approach of care and shared responsibility.

Justin Gaffney, CEO of MSH Health & Wellbeing Community Interest Company