The availability of our commercial experience and capabilities to help you understand the issues and apply strategic planning to run your business.

Planning ahead is essential to the future performance of your business. Often the day-to-day operational pressures of running an organisation mean strategic planning and management becomes an after thought. It can lead to rushed, uninformed decisions and missed opportunities.

At Wellers we work closely with many of our clients, attending quarterly management meetings to act as a sounding board and help mentor owner-managers. We are able to draw on our experience of running our own firm and acting for over 3,000 clients to help you think strategically about your business, share ideas and provide you with a practical opinion. This considered thought process, combined with taking into account alternative views and opinions, usually ensures for more knowledgeable based decision making. 

Some of the work we deliver can include:

  • Providing an independent perspective
  • Analysing the issues
  • Asking the right questions
  • Making considered recommendations
  • Planning practical solutions and actions
  • Making introductions to our network of clients and contacts where appropriate

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The financial information we now have at our finger tips thanks to Wellers hard work allows us to make informed and well thought through business decisions that ensure we manage our risks and also maintain our fast growth. Whilst accountants should focus on the fundamentals of accounting, Wellers do this and more, providing focussed commercial intelligence that I have yet to come across in any other firm working with SMEs.

James Uffindell, CEO & Founder of Bright Network