Protecting your family wealth for future generations through trusts and executorship.

Trusts are set up to ensure your assets pass on to your stated beneficiaries. They can provide an efficient way of reducing the inheritance tax liability on your estate and prevent unintended beneficiaries from receiving assets, for example in instances of divorce.   

There are several types of Trust, each with different tax treatments. This can be a very complex area, so it is worth obtaining professional advice to understand the best option available to you.  At Wellers we ensure we have an in depth understanding of your family circumstances and tax profile.

We then recommend the most suitable type of trust for your purposes, including setting it up, filling in all the documentation and providing accounting services. We can also advise you on the preparation of your will and where needed, can act as trustees or executors.

Our services include:

  • Considering all aspects of your financial situation
  • Arranging administration
  • Implementing tax efficient solutions
  • Advising on types of trusts
  • Assisting with the preparation of wills
  • Advising on all aspects of estate planning