Helping contractors, consultants and freelancers enjoy more take home pay.

If you are a consultant, freelancer or contractor then you may not be enjoying as much disposable income as you could be. This is especially the case for those who work through a recruitment agency and where your pay is managed by an umbrella company (also known as a managed service company).

We have developed a tax efficient solution. We can help by setting you up as a director of your own limited company, meaning you have your own company bank account (which we help you set up) and do your own monthly invoicing. We take care of the paperwork and tasks such as accounts production and tax returns leaving you to concentrate on your work.

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You then enjoy more take home pay through:

  • Less tax on your income
  • Reduced Employers National Insurance contributions
  • Claiming tax deductible expenses
  • Claiming back on VAT 

Our experience ensures setting up as a contractor couldn’t be a more effortless process. Quite simply, it is the smart way to work.


From the very offset Wellers Air were very helpful and at times went beyond the pale in answering the questions of an eager businessman new to the game. They exude professional competence and people skills in abundance which is a rare commodity and I would recommend them to anyone without a second thought.

Ross McColgan