Setting up in the UK

Setting up in the UK

Advice and accounting services to help overseas companies set up operations in the UK.

Setting up overseas can be a challenging process. The UK has many specific compliance obligations and reporting requirements in terms of taxation and company law. It is therefore important to understand your reasons for pursuing a UK subsidiary. Which of the following is relevant to you?

  • Setting up a branch/sales office to provide support services to your UK based customers and clients
  • Appointing an agent, distributor or franchisee
  • Acquiring an existing company in the UK
  • Ring fencing your UK sales and operations from the established business for liability purposes
  • Incentivising UK based employees with shares in a UK company but not the main business
  • Establishing a UK operation for tax efficiency purposes 

Your reasons can then establish whether a UK subsidiary or just a branch is most suitable to your needs. In the case of a subsidiary this will also determine what kind of legal structure the company should take. The following is a guide of how Wellers can help you, however, you need to discuss your needs in more detail to really ascertain the best options available to you.

Company formation

  • Choosing the right legal entity for your needs and trading purposes
  • Drawing up the articles of association – a document that details the relationship between the shareholders and the company
  • Compliance with intrastate – the European Union (EU) system of collecting information from VAT registered traders

Accounting and business services

A fully outsourced accounting service that includes:

Company secretarial services

Helping you meet all compliance requirements including:

  • Maintenance of the companies statutory register
  • Board/shareholder meeting minutes and requirements
  • Compliance with the Companies Act 2006
  • All filings to Companies House

Legal requirements

Advice and assistance with legal matters such as:

  • Employment legislation
  • Anti-bribery rules
  • Data protection legislation
  • Money laundering
  • E-commerce legislation

Tax and VAT

  • Advice on the tax treatment of the subsidiary – tax residency in the UK or overseas
  • Advice on corporation tax, transfer pricing and income tax
  • Registration for VAT and advice on reduced rates and exceptions