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The coronavirus £1.25bn Future Fund and R&D rescue package

James Tillotson 19/5/2020 5 minute read

James Tillotson FCA on the government loans for innovative, third party investor backed businesses, including those carrying out R&D activities.

What is the purpose of a business plan?

James Tillotson 24/10/2019 6 minute read

James Tillotson FCA explains why you should use an advisor to establish a viable plan for your start-up.

6 Essentials to prepare for franchising your small business

James Tillotson 27/8/2019 5 minute read

James Tillotson FCA talks about franchising and how it can be a cost-effective way to grow your brand.

12 Top value drivers for when you sell your business

James Tillotson 31/7/2018 11 minute read

James Tillotson FCA of Wellers and David Haimes of Action Coach, explain the key areas of focus to drive up the value of a business in preparation for a sale.

What you need to know about EU state aid & EMI share options

James Tillotson 06/4/2018 2 minute read

James Tillotson FCA explains the complications arising potentially for businesses issuing EMI share options.

When is the right time to be valuing a business?

James Tillotson 29/6/2016 5 minute read

James Tillotson FCA explains exactly when valuing a business is both advantageous and necessary for owner-managers.

How to compare the benefits of EIS and SEIS investments [Infographic]

James Tillotson 18/1/2016 2 minute read

James Tillotson FCA explains the different advantages of SEIS and EIS investments to both business owners and investors.

Your career as a business advisor/accountant - it's about how good you want to be

James Tillotson 29/10/2015 5 minute read

Wellers welcome James Tillotson FCA into the partnership by looking back on his career to date as a business advisor and accountant.

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