Preparation and advice on exit strategy for succession planning and disposal.

It may have been part of your business plan from day 1, or after trading for many years you may have reached a stage where you want to realise the money from your investment and efforts. Alternatively, you may run a family business and wish to pass ownership and the running of the company on to the next generation.

Selling a business or handing over the reins is a rare event for most people with many complex and unusual issues that can take several months to implement. It means your exit plan will be the beginning of a new journey.

You'll need careful planning combined with professional support and advice every step of the way. This will help maximise your company’s value in the event of a disposal, or implement a smooth handover that all family members and shareholders feel comfortable with.

We can help you with:

Succession – keeping the business in the family

  • A change in management control of the business
  • Help you decide on who is best to take over and when
  • Mentoring, building and developing the skill sets of a new owner/management team
  • Issuing/transferring equity and advice on the right company structure
  • Retirement planning

Selling a business

Advice and support to help you through every step of your exit strategy and maximise your sale proceeds:


Valuations of companies are usually calculated as a multiple of profits. We can help you assess a realistic multiple range based on the sector you operate in, competitor transactions, historic and future profitability, and intellectual property

Preparing the business for disposal

  • Understanding and documenting the growth story of your business
  • Financial forecasts that authenticate future income and profitability
  • Tax planning to ensure the best deal structure is implemented and most lucrative outcome achieved for the vendors

Sales documents and identifying purchasers

Sourcing our network of clients and contacts for likely interested parties, these can include:

  • Competitors
  • Organisations in other sectors seeking additional growth
  • Customers or suppliers looking to bring products or services in house
  • Venture capitalists
  • The preparation of all documentation in the disposal process including pitch documents to entice potential buyers, non disclosure agreements and information memorandums

Negotiation on offers

  • Advice on the release of information and chairing meetings between both parties
  • Analyse and advise you on the constituent parts of an offer including the value, deal structure and tax elements, and conditions


  • Providing assistance and documentation as part of the due diligence process where the purchaser conducts reviews of the finances and operations of the business
  • Working in conjunction with the lawyers on the share purchase agreements


I can't thank Wellers enough for your willingness to collaborate and to provide integrated advice so that whether it is your client or mine, they have the benefit of business advice in the round. What I and they like is your innovative and problem solving support specific to the requirements of small to medium size enterprises.

Lynne BrookeThe Brooke Consultancy LLP