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UK General Election: The tax implications of a new, Labour government?

Chris Thompson 05/7/2024 15 minute read

Chris Thompson speculates as to how taxes may change following the election of a Labour government.

Grant funding and why you need an Independent Accountant's Report

Russell Flynn 04/7/2024 9 minute read

Russell Flynn ACA, explains the need for an Independent Accountant's Report if you're obtaining funding in the form of a grant. 

What is UK Inheritance Tax? Guidance on the thresholds and gifting

Tom Biggs 02/7/2024 17 minute read

Tom Biggs ACA CTA, describes how inheritance tax works and the strategies that can be implemented to help reduce it.

The Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings - what you need to know about ATED

Tom Biggs 23/5/2024 7 minute read

Tom Biggs ACA CTA, explains the Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings and what you need to look out for.  

What is corporation tax in the UK?

Beth Whitmore 20/5/2024 15 minute read

Beth Whitmore FCCA, explains exactly what corporation tax means for your business and the reliefs and allowances you need to explore.

UK dividends & the dividend tax rates - everything you need to know

Stuart Crook 15/5/2024 9 minute read

Stuart Crook FCA, explains how dividends work and their treatment for the purposes of taxation.

What is Capital Gains Tax in the UK?

Stuart Crook 14/5/2024 15 minute read

Stuart Crook FCA, explains the concept of Capital Gains Tax and how it's applied to the gains made on the sales of assets.

2 Promotions to Associate at Wellers

Simon Smith 14/5/2024 3 minute read

Simon Smith FCCA celebrates the promotion of Mike Webb and Doug Saunders to the position of Associate.

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