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You need to have well trained staff to earn customer loyalty

Joe Lennon 07/2/2019 2 minute read

Joe Lennon explains why your staff are the key component to achieving repeat customers.

High street pain could be an opportunity for some in the hospitality trade

Joe Lennon 17/9/2018 5 minute read

Joe Lennon assesses the state of the high street and some of the prospects this may present to cash rich operators.

What to include in the preparation of monthly management accounts?

Joe Lennon 19/6/2017 1 minute read

Joe Lennon highlights the different reporting elements of management accounts and the benefits they can bring to running your business.

How to set up the sales ledger & the purchase ledger

Joe Lennon 21/11/2016 6 minute read

Joe Lennon explains the process of logging transactions for start-ups and the transition to automated software.

How to compare online accounting software providers

Joe Lennon 26/5/2016 4 minute read

Joe Lennon assesses the different cloud software and online accounting providers in the marketplace.

What are management accounts? Why you need professional advice

Joe Lennon 24/3/2016 5 minute read

Joe Lennon on why management accounts combined with an advisor of calibre are vital ingredients to business growth.

Risky tax avoidance schemes are being exposed gradually [Video]

Joe Lennon 23/2/2016 1 minute read

Joe Lennon shares a Dispatches programme on how some people use avoidance schemes to pay little to no tax.

How to improve your community with an SITR investment

Joe Lennon 24/4/2015 5 minute read

Joe Lennon on how you can help a community by investing in a social enterprise through the Social Investment Tax Relief scheme.

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