Beyond the balance sheet

High street pain could be an opportunity for some in the hospitality trade

Joe Lennon 17/9/2018 5 minute read

Joe Lennon assesses the state of the high street and some of the prospects this may present to cash rich operators. 

What to learn from the recent failures in the hospitality trade

Matthew Wyatt 19/7/2018 3 minute read

Matthew Wyatt looks into the closures at some of the big chains and assesses the lessons proprietors can take from it. 

How to make Oxford tourism & the Westgate work for the hospitality trade

Stuart Crook 28/6/2018 8 minute read

Stuart Crook on how independent hospitality businesses can come together to take advantage of the tourism opportunities Oxford generates.

Is the Westgate & tourism working for Oxford's hospitality trade?

Stuart Crook 09/5/2018 3 minute read

Stuart Crook examines if the Westgate shopping centre and tourism can be better managed to benefit Oxford's hospitality operators.

Wellers next roundtable lunch discussion for the hospitality trade takes place on Monday 14 May 2018 at Rhodes House. Tourism in Oxford and the impact of the Westgate shopping centre for the sector will be the theme of the event. The £440m Westgate development has been in the news of late with 9m people said to have visited it since the launch at the end of October 2017.

As reported by the BBC, consultancy firm Caprese actually described the figures as disappointing while also sighting several units that remain unfilled. The City Council however, have attributed the shopping centre as the reason why around 1.2m extra people have visited Oxford in 2018. Given the potential extra people likely to arrive in the peak Summer tourist months, how can independent hospitality operators best make use of this potential footfall coming to the city and county?

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