Why you need accountants for start-ups

At Wellers, we provide a wide range of accounting, tax, and business advisory services to help relieve the stress on entrepreneurs while providing clarity as to the financial performance of your business. For over 8 decades we’ve helped many a founder launch their start-up and then guided them on the journey to growth and profitability.

This means we have a real intuition for the challenges, feelings, and emotions you’re likely to go through in the early days of setting up. Our teams can apply their experience, knowledge, and skills to partner with you to deliver the wide range of bespoke accounting services you need to help you achieve your goals.

Let us free up your time, relieve you of some of the anxiety, and potentially save you money, by leaving the accounts and tax in our hands so that you can then focus on growing and building your enterprise.

Accounting for start-ups to unlock growth

Why choose Wellers?

Accountants, but also so much more

For over 80 years we’ve trained our people to the highest technical standards, but then that’s a given in professional firms. What has really ensured our survival, and success, over the decades has been to combine this with a personable, relationship driven approach. Putting people first!


We understand that the relationships and business partnerships you enter into as an owner manager will likely determine the future of your start-up business. It’s been the same for us, and remains the case to this day.


It’s why relationships and trust are the centrepiece of our thinking, and everything we do. Hence our mission, to help our clients, and our people, to understand and achieve their true potential. It's something we feel is well demonstrated in the KO Productions testimonial video below. 


Solutions geared to your requirements

All businesses have their own individual circumstances, and challenges. Our role as accountants and advisors is to fully understand the nature of your enterprise, the goals you’re looking to achieve, and the sector you operate within.


Equipped with this intel we can then apply our experience of having advised so many early stage clients in similar circumstances. This combination of technical prowess, and practical solutions specific to the issues you face and goals you're trying to achieve, means we're more than capable of guiding you on the journey to realising your vision.

Our approach: Business Oxygen

Our accountancy services, professional advice and relationship driven approach mean we think you’ll find Wellers a breath of fresh air. An ethos of listening and understanding ensure we become integral to your operations.

This blend of skills, knowledge, and experience can provide you with the financial analysis and intelligence you need to help you make informed, strategic decisions. Having a ‘critical friend’ in this capacity can help with thinking things through in order to drive you towards growth, and profitability.

It’s something our clients refer to as, ‘Business Oxygen’ and it's reflected in how we took Reaction Engines from the start-up phase through to scale-up in the video below.

Services specifically geared to start-ups

We can provide a wide range of compliance and advisory services to help get your start-up off the ground. These are also designed to help you achieve growth by addressing the specific needs of both you, as the entrepreneur, and your business.

  • Putting together a business plan: Working with you to write up your business plan including financial projections. This helps to set objectives for gauging progress as a key point of reference for investors, partners, and employees.
  • The right business structure: Assistance and advice to help you pick the right business legal structure to determine the level of liability, administrative work, and amount of tax you will pay.
  • Goal setting and key performance indicators (KPIs): What will you aim for, and how will you measure performance? Advice and solutions based on your circumstances to help you decide on the KPIs to track and when to apply them.
  • Profit and cash flow forecasting: Producing forward looking numbers to help you focus on what to implement to get the maximum return given available resources, vital intel for potential investors and providers of finance.
  • Bookkeeping: Accurate record keeping and bookkeeping services designed to keep organised, meticulous files, and numbers, to help you understand financial performance.
  • Debtors and managing cash flow: The implementation of a credit control system (where relevant) to prevent late payment, improve credit terms, manage customer relationships, and boost cash flow.
  • Management accounts: Financial reporting to gauge performance against your goals and KPIs. Understand your progress, and the resource and investment requirements for what needs to be achieved.
  • Raising finance: Advice on which form of finance is most suitable. Assistance in finding the right source of financing along with a cost benefit analysis of the likely impact on your cash position and working capital.
  • Share schemes and types of shares: Advice on the types and class of shares on offer to investors when raising limited company finance. Putting shares schemes in place to raise funds, and to secure and reward employees.
  • Corporate and personal tax planning: Corporate tax planning to help you make use of all available reliefs and allowances. Personal tax advice on how to extract money out of the business as tax efficiently as possible.


Thanks very much to Wellers for your hard work and efforts in supporting the business. You've shown a great level of support and pro-activity, and we've really appreciated your practical advice in getting the business off the ground.

Nicholas Walters, Founder & CEO of Hopster

Where you're at - the lifecycle stages

Every business goes through a journey of overcoming challenges, as it progresses towards its goals over time. It’s important to have advisors on hand to help steer you towards your vision and what your business was destined to achieve.

By charting where you are at on the stages model below, courtesy of Shirlaws, we can gain a clear understanding of the emotions you’ll be feeling, the issues you face, and what you'll likely need to progress forward.

The stages model Shirlaws official version

We can then advise and help you in the early days of starting out as it can be a time of real franticness. The likelihood is soon after launching, you'll hit a "brick wall". That means your start-up will probably need an injection of finance to progress further forward on the path to growth.

You'll therefore need robust record keeping, financial statements, and accounts so that your business can be presented in the best manner possible to appeal to potential sources of funding. 

How much does an accountant cost?

Our fees are based on the services you require, the complexity of the work we’ll need to conduct, and the time required to implement it. This means the fees we quote are dependent on your business activities and specific circumstances. They are unique to you and your requirements.

We quote fees based on our hourly rates and an estimation of the time it will take for us to undertake the work required. Depending on what is needed, we may provide a fixed monthly fee quote. Given the consideration of tight budgets for some start-ups we may only introduce certain services, and related fees, as your business expands.
In general, fees for most services will increase over time as you grow the business, and turnover rises. For more information, do get in touch.

Time to start

Having helped so many businesses expand over the years, we’re passionate about start-ups and guiding them into growth. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.

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