Transaction and advisory services to help you sell your business or achieve growth and shareholder value by acquiring others.

You may have reached a stage where you would like to realise the value from your business and sell it (disposal). Alternatively you may be looking to implement a strategy of acquiring other businesses as a means of achieving growth.

Implemented properly, merger and acquisition strategies can be used to access new markets, expand quickly, remove a competitor or secure a supplier. Whatever your reasons, these types of transactions can be complex and time consuming. Wellers have acted for clients in all these scenarios many times and can help you with the following:


You will want to maximise the proceeds from a sale, however this is not the only factor to consider. You will also want any sales process to be as smooth as possible and not impact on the day to day running of the business. Family matters may need to be considered as will the impact on your staff. Wellers can support you every step of the way by:

  • Understanding your aims and informing you of the options available
  • Assessing the value of your company
  • Formulating a strategy and preparing the business for sale
  • Producing sales documents for potential acquirers
  • Identifying purchasers
  • Comparing and negotiating on offers
  • Assisting in the provision of information for due diligence work to be undertaken by other advisors
  • Managing completion – legal processes and share purchase agreements

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Organic expansion may not be enough to achieve the level of growth you want or desire. Instead an M&A strategy may be desirable and it is crucial that this delivers shareholder value. Wellers can help achieve this by:

  • Understanding your aims and what you wish to achieve
  • Researching the market and identifying suitable targets
  • Assessing potential offer valuations for targets
  • Negotiating terms with the prospective business
  • Conducting any due diligence required
  • Assisting in raising finance to fund the acquisition
  • Helping with post integration planning and implementation

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I wanted to highlight what an immense pleasure it has been having Wellers with us. Their outstanding quality of work, speed and ability to understand the business quickly and steer us through a complicated VAT issue has filled me with a lot of confidence, resulting in a higher quality of output at our Board meetings and a better structured finance department.

Vinit Patel, Co-Founder of Filtered