Helping charities negotiate the minefield of statutory regulation to ensure you stay fully compliant with ever changing legislation and achieve best practice.

The nature of Charities operations means you are accountable for donations, expenses and sponsorship. Your organisation is therefore subject to an array of reporting rules and compliance requirements that form part of your charitable objectives. These have been and continue to be subject to regular regulatory changes which makes staying compliant a highly specialist task.

Our team have the experience and knowledge to help you both understand and satisfy the specific financial reporting and accounting requirements that come with the public accountability of being a charity.

Wellers can help you achieve a financially efficient operation by:



We're delighted to work with Wellers on the audit of our annual accounts. They've been proactive and professional in assisting us to fulfil our statutory obligations, while also presenting our accounts in a manner which communicated our objectives and results to the readers.

Jane Winehouse, Amy Winehouse Foundation