Financial management and professional advice to help Healthcare Professionals protect their wealth.

Healthcare Professionals tend to have quite complex financial affairs. You are likely to have two or more sources of income that could include a combination of private and NHS salaries as well rental income from property.

You may be classified as a higher rate tax payer and contributing to more than one pension scheme. Long working hours will leave little time to manage your finances and you may not have declared certain matters for tax purposes. 

Wellers' specialist team can help you with:

Structural advice on the most efficient business vehicle to save you money

Tax planning to optimise your tax profile

  • Review of National Insurance Contributions where you are employed and self employed, including a review of possible overpayments in earlier years
  • Managing Capital Gains Tax 
  • Inheritance Tax planning and advice on estates

Staying compliant to ensure all deadlines are met and potential fines avoided

  • Completion of all necessary registration procedures with Companies House and HMRC including dealing with these departments/agencies on your behalf
  • Assistance with the preparation of accounts and tax returns, corporate and personal
  • Advice on record keeping, systems, payroll administration and operating PAYE as real time information
  • VAT registration, consideration of VAT schemes and assistance with preparation of returns

We are also able to help you with:

Specialist Sectors

Specialist skills and sector knowledge to provide bespoke services that facilitate business growth.