Beyond the numbers

The Spring Budget 2023 - a guide to what it means for your finances

Tom Biggs 04/4/2023 12 minute read

Tom Biggs ACA CTA, summarises Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt's main tax and spending announcements in the Spring Budget.

Debt vs Equity - which option is best for your business?

Joe Lennon 27/2/2023 14 minute read

Joe Lennon FCCA, on deciding between debt or equity financing to help fund business growth.

A guide to personal guarantee, what you should know before signing one

Jordan Wood 20/2/2023 15 minute read

Jordan Wood ACA, explains personal guarantees and what they mean for your business and personal finances.

What are angel investors in the UK? How they can help grow your business

Joe Lennon 25/1/2023 27 minute read

Joe Lennon FCCA explains what angel investors are, and how they can help your early stage business.

What is Venture Capital? How it can help you raise finance for growth

Ercan Demiralay 05/10/2022 9 minute read

Ercan Demiralay FCCA explains what venture capital funding is and how it can work to help grow your SME business.

How to calculate profit margin for your SME business

Beth Whitmore 12/4/2022 10 minute read

Beth Whitmore FCCA, explains the basics and importance of profit margin to your SME business.

Is the Spring Statement 2022 the start of tax cuts?

Tom Biggs 24/3/2022 13 minute read

Tom Biggs ACA CTA, summarises Chancellor, Rishi Sunak's key announcements from the Spring Statement.

What is profit and why is it important to your business?

Ercan Demiralay 22/3/2022 9 minute read

Ercan Demiralay FCCA, explains the concept of profit and why it is so essential to businesses.

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