Professional solutions to issues such as funding gaps, Pensions SORP, Trustees responsibilities and corporate governance.

Regulations relating to pension schemes are becoming increasingly complex and have been the subject of a continuing overhaul. Almost all pension schemes are required to have an audit. Only the smallest schemes are able to claim exemption and Trustees face sanctions where an auditor is not appointed when necessary.

Wellers acts for a number of schemes including final salary, defined contribution, and mixed-element or hybrid schemes. Our audits are designed to ensure you adhere to all regulations, thereby helping Trustees fulfil their statutory obligations.

We can provide the following:

  • Planning to comply with all the latest statutory regulations
  • Reviewing internal controls and systems as well as the accuracy of membership records
  • Providing a detailed Management Recommendations Report for Trustees that identifies risks along with solutions
  • Accounts production
  • Pension payroll
  • Tax compliance for Schemes