Fully managed, outsourced UK payroll services, that simplify the process while keeping you compliant with all relevant employment legislation.

Do you need to set up and manage a payroll for your business?

Or, are you operating an in-house solution but you're looking for a payroll service provider to run your scheme?

For small and medium sized businesses, operating a payroll can be a time-consuming and intricate task that requires you to stay up to date with HMRC legislation, while purchasing the latest payroll software upgrades. Whether your software costs and processing tasks are taking up valuable time, or administering the law has become complicated and expensive, we have an all-encompassing solution for start-ups and scale-ups to help simplify your payroll processes.  

Outsource this function to Wellers and let our team handle all the payroll processing complexities while ensuring accurate, and timely, payments to your employees. That way you'll have peace of mind that you're adhering to all legal and statutory requirements, and confidence you'll obtain all the necessary employee, and payroll, intel needed to help run your business efficiently.

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How outsourced payroll services work at Wellers

Wellers has partnered with BrightPay, a cloud-based payroll service, to ensures a painless transfer of responsibilities, delivering an all encompassing software solution for your PAYE and Auto Enrolment needs. Using this and our services means you benefit from:

  • A user friendly, intuitive, platform for simplicity, that drastically reduces the need for data entry and manual payroll calculations
  • A service to take care of all your legal obligations, deductions, tax calculations, and reporting requirements on your behalf
  • A secure platform that makes use of sophisticated security measures to protect the data and privacy of your business, and your employees
  • Customised solutions to your business needs be it contract employees, weekly or monthly payroll runs, and integrations with other software solutions
  • Easy access to essential payroll information for your employees such as payslips, year-end tax documents, and important personal details

Click on the link for more information about BrightPay.

This service covers the following items ensuring you can feel assured that these compliance tasks are taken care of, freeing up your time to focus on other important business matters:

  • Production of payslips and seamless payments to employees through direct deposit
  • Automated processing standard payroll elements including pension deductions for Auto Enrolment
  • Tax compliance for PAYE, National Insurance deductions, and net pay calculations 
  • Automated calculations for statutory maternity, sick pay, and other statutory benefits
  • Submission of Real Time Information (RTI) reports to adhere to HMRC requirements

Reactive - occasionally a non-standard 'swerve ball' query or question will come up or something urgent and on these occasions Wellers are right on it. Also because they carry out quarterly reviews at any point they know my financial position and can provide answers very quickly.

Jason Lloyd Evans, Evstar Limited

Fully managed services

Our fully managed service can provide you with further peace of mind with regards to the following:

  • Setting up of new PAYE and pension schemes registrations
  • Processing bespoke salaries, benefits and ad-hoc calculations as required
  • Monitor and manage minimum, and living wage legislation changes
  • Auto enrolment – Under the Pensions Act 2008, ensure all processing and compliance matters are met  
  • Access, process, and upload pension data as processed through payroll
  • Administration of employees - including all relevant payroll on-boarding and final leaver payments
  • Make deductions and transfers to pension schemes where required through an integrated API function
  • Cloud based Employer portal dashboard, where payslips, reporting and employee management can be run and is held securely under GDPR regulations
  • Employee self-service portal - integrated to access all relevant documents including payslips, annual P60’s and pension legislative correspondence

Additional ad hoc services

  • Bespoke reporting - created in line with your business reporting requirements
  • BACS payments for net payments to employees and HMRC payment deadlines due
  • Holiday functionality - to allow management of allowances and employee bookings and approvals through payroll software
  • Accounting software integration - Journals processed via API directly through payroll software
  • Pension scheme set up and assistance to ensure your company is compliant in line with Pension Regulator guidelines
  • Pension declaration of compliance submissions / Cyclical pension re-enrolment assistance 

How much do accountants charge for UK payroll services

As a general rule our fees for outsourced payroll services are calculated on a per-employee-per-month (PEPM) basis.  However, pricing per employee can vary dependent on the number of employees and the level of service required. 

If you pay your employees on a weekly basis, then you’ll be charged on a per-employee-per-week basis. This is likely to be more expensive than on a monthly basis because, as a payroll provider, we’ll be doing around 4 times as much work. 

We also provide options on a fixed monthly rate for our services. This can work where your business has a steady headcount however, it’s not applicable in situations where you want to pay bonuses, or operate commissions to employees. 

There are also set-up fees that work on the per-employee basis. This is because it takes time and resource to upload your staff for processing on our systems, and software. To ensure accurate processing, and peace of mind for our clients, our setup work includes a test run prior to going live. 

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