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Your full service payroll - why reshoring to the UK is the safe option

Jasmine Brook 25/5/2016 5 minute read

Jasmine Brook explains that when outsourcing your payroll function, you should look for firms that deliver this work in the UK and not overseas.

Employee retention strategies for the rise of the commuter

Jasmine Brook 17/5/2016 3 minute read

Jasmine Brook explains how employees are forced into a long commute to get on the property ladder and what SME businesses can do to retain them.

New dividend tax rates alert! Revealing the PAYE code surprise

Jasmine Brook 26/2/2016 2 minute read

Jasmine Brook examines the amended tax code for directors and what this means.


Why you need to prepare now for the new national living wage

Jasmine Brook 11/12/2015 1 minute read

Jasmine Brook explores what employers need to do with the onset of the national living wage in 2016.

What you need to know about auto enrolment qualifying earnings

Jasmine Brook 07/7/2014 1 minute read

An infographic to help you determine the members of your workforce who qualify for auto enrolment, by Jasmine Brook.

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