Beyond the balance sheet

The value of R&D tax credits and what you need to know

Ercan Demiralay 04/12/2018 4 minute read

Ercan Demiralay on the benefits of R&D tax credits and what you need to know about eligibility and claiming relief.

Practical & useful tips about allowable business expenses

Ercan Demiralay 03/8/2018 3 minute read

Ercan Demiralay provides a useful list and explanation of the tax allowable business expenses.

What you need to know about tax & payments on account

Ercan Demiralay 08/7/2016 8 minute read

Ercan Demiralay explains the details and intricacies of payments on account.

Once you have submitted your tax return, you will know your tax bill and what you owe. How then do you go about paying HMRC and when should you do this? That’s where payments on account come in. They’re part of the self assessment process and therefore relevant to UK tax payers where less than 80% of your income has tax deducted at source (that means tax deducted from your income before you receive it, such as where an employer pays an employee under the PAYE system).  

How to compare online accounting software providers

Joe Lennon 26/5/2016 5 minute read

Joe Lennon assesses the different cloud software and online accounting providers in the marketplace.

It's a common question in meetings we have with clients, "which online accounting provider and product should I choose?" The answer unfortunately isn't simple. You see it all depends on the following:

  • How well versed you are in accounting practices 

  • Your budget

  • Whether your company has a specific finance function 

  • The IT and financial literacy of you and/or your team

  • The size and nature of your business

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