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How to apply for the Omicron hospitality and leisure grant

Simon Smith 06/1/2022 4 minute read

Simon Smith FCCA, details the government support available to businesses hardest hit by the latest Omicron COVID-19 variant. 

The health and social care levy - what you need to know

Simon Smith 28/9/2021 4 minute read

Simon Smith FCCA, explains the latest government tax changes aimed at sorting the NHS backlog and social care.

How to scale-up with accounting services and professional advice

Simon Smith 07/10/2020 5 minute read

Simon Smith FCCA shares how Reaction Engines relied on Wellers for the necessary systems, controls, and advice for scaling up.

HMRC tax investigations - how to prepare your business for them

Simon Smith 21/9/2020 7 minute read

Simon Smith FCCA on the rise in HMRC tax investigations and why being ready for them is wise for your business.

Scaling a business - how to prepare for it

Simon Smith 26/6/2020 8 minute read

Simon Smith FCCA explains what needs to be considered and actioned in order to scale-up a business.

How to avoid the danger of customer and supplier over reliance

Simon Smith 01/10/2018 5 minute read

Simon Smith FCCA explains the importance of not over relying on one customer or supplier type and how doing so can affect your business.

6 Reasons why your start-up needs good accounting records

Simon Smith 12/7/2018 3 minute read

Simon Smith FCCA discusses the importance of keeping organised accounting records and how doing so will benefit your business.

Why you need to consider all of your options when raising finance

Simon Smith 04/5/2018 3 minute read

Simon Smith FCCA discusses the implications of small businesses applying for bank loans.

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