Beyond the balance sheet

10 Errors found in most restaurant bankruptcies

Dan Einzig 11/4/2018 8 minute read

Dan Einzig, CEO of brand design agency, Mystery explores the common restaurant mistakes that can prove fatal.

What you need to know about EU state aid & EMI share options

James Tillotson 06/4/2018 2 minute read

James Tillotson explains the complications arising potentially for businesses issuing EMI share options.

The Spring Statement and important changes for the new tax year

Edward Parker 15/3/2018 2 minute read

Edward Parker on the key things to watch out for following the Chancellor's Spring Statement.

What you need to know about HMRC payroll investigations

Ercan Demiralay 14/3/2018 2 minute read

Ercan Demiralay explains why you need to prepare for a possible investigation of your payroll by the Revenue.

Why scale up and growth is a bigger challenge than starting out

Ercan Demiralay 05/3/2018 7 minute read

Ercan Demiralay on the challenges of expanding and 3 tips to help owner managers achieve sustainable growth. 

Business rates explained in the hospitality trade

Matthew Wyatt 05/3/2018 1 minute read

Matthew Wyatt looks at how rates vary for different types of hospitality business and the need for reform.

6 Ways to improve your small business banking relationship

Simon Smith 20/2/2018 4 minute read

Simon Smith explains the importance of forming and maintaining a strong business relationship with your bank manager.

How employers can claim from HMRC for UK statutory maternity pay?

Helen Kingdon 13/2/2018 2 minute read

Helen Kingdon explains the process of maternity leave and how employers can reclaim this.

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