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What the Chancellor failed to address in the Budget 2018

Chris Thompson 17/10/2018 5 minute read

Chris Thompson takes a sideways look at what the country and SMEs needed from the Budget.

Why the hospitality trade needs to think about tax

Chris Thompson 04/10/2017 4 minute read

Matthew Wyatt maps the fiscal matters the hospitality sector needs to plan for post Brexit.

Revealing the benefits of the patent application process timeline

Chris Thompson 21/9/2017 3 minute read

Chris Littlewood, Chief Scientific Officer at Filtered, shares his insight into obtaining a patent for their online learning algorithm.

Revealing how to plan & recruit for hospitality staff after Brexit

Chris Thompson 16/8/2017 8 minute read

Matthew Wyatt explains the staffing challenges posed by Brexit and some potential solutions for the hospitality trade.  

The importance of small firms to the economy & how to help them

Chris Thompson 28/7/2017 7 minute read

Chris Thompson on why the Chancellor and Governor of the Bank of England need to help SMEs to fuel the economy.

5 Powerful benefits of employee sabbatical leave

Chris Thompson 03/7/2017 5 minute read

Jasmine Brook, shares her experience of taking a 3 month sabbatical and the surprising benefits this had.

How to NOT take on the Three Peaks Challenge

Chris Thompson 12/12/2016 7 minute read

Chris Thompson recounts how 17 members of Wellers took on the task of climbing three mountains in under 24 hours.

UK EU referendum: What you need to know about how the EU works

Chris Thompson 24/5/2016 9 minute read

Chris Thompson explains the set up and internal legislative workings of the EU in the run up to the UK referendum on membership.

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