Beyond the balance sheet

What to learn from the recent failures in the hospitality trade

Matthew Wyatt 19/7/2018 3 minute read

Matthew Wyatt looks into the closures at some of the big chains and assesses the lessons proprietors can take from it. 

6 Reasons why your start-up needs good accounting records

Simon Smith 12/7/2018 3 minute read

Simon Smith discusses the importance of keeping organised accounting records and how doing so will benefit your business.

How to make Oxford tourism & the Westgate work for the hospitality trade

Stuart Crook 28/6/2018 8 minute read

Stuart Crook on how independent hospitality businesses can come together to take advantage of the tourism opportunities Oxford generates.

Winners at the Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards 2018

Christina Nawrocki 14/5/2018 1 minute read

Christina Nawrocki explains the pride and ethos behind Wellers winning the large apprenticeship employer category.

Is the Westgate & tourism working for Oxford's hospitality trade?

Stuart Crook 09/5/2018 3 minute read

Stuart Crook examines if the Westgate shopping centre and tourism can be better managed to benefit Oxford's hospitality operators.

Why you need to consider all of your options when raising finance

Simon Smith 04/5/2018 3 minute read

Simon Smith discusses the implications of small businesses applying for bank loans.

What is leadership? Celebrating the announcement of our new Associates

Kathleen Parker 20/4/2018 2 minute read

Kathleen Parker announces our new Associates and looks into what leadership is really about.

How to scale up with shrewd financial management

Simon Smith 18/4/2018 2 minute read

Simon Smith shares how Reaction Engines relied on Wellers for the necessary systems, controls and advice for scaling up.

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