Beyond the balance sheet

Why you need quality business advisory services to unlock growth

Kathleen Parker 19/2/2020 6 minute read

Kathleen Parker FCCA explains the risk of focusing on price or brand name when engaging accountants for business advisory services.

In the divorce process? The Capital Gains Tax issues you need to avoid

Debbie Austin 18/2/2020 5 minute read

Debbie Austin FCCA on why divorcing in January can create potential additional tax and financial headaches for many.

HMRC Allowable business expenses you can claim in the UK

Ercan Demiralay 18/2/2020 5 minute read

Ercan Demiralay FCCA talks through expenses and provides a helpful list and explanation of allowable business expenses in the UK.

Is this the end of Entrepreneurs' Relief?

Stuart Crook 11/2/2020 7 minute read

Stuart Crook FCA on how the Entrepreneurs' Relief has come under attack, what the next elected government might do, and how to plan for it.

Are you keeping good farm records? Now is the time to start!

Ben Brookes 10/2/2020 4 minute read

Ben Brookes ACCA provides insight on the importance of keeping good farm records and the benefits of making the switch to digital accounts management.

Investing in Property with a family SSAS pension scheme

Gareth Bertram 05/2/2020 4 minute read

Gareth Bertram on on how a SSAS pension can be a vehicle for investment in property with various tax advantages. 

Why you need to know the working capital formula and ratio

Beth Whitmore 05/2/2020 3 minute read

Beth Whitmore explains the concept and importance of working capital to entrepreneurs.

Do you have a scalable business model? How to find out

Simon Smith 05/2/2020 5 minute read

Simon Smith FCCA explains what needs to be considered and actioned in order to scale-up a business.

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