Beyond the balance sheet

Employee expenses and working from home tax relief

Stuart Crook 09/7/2020 5 minute read

Stuart Crook FCA explains the rules around expenses related to employees working from home. 

The Chancellor's £30bn Summer statement to combat COVID-19 downturn

Tom Biggs 09/7/2020 6 minute read

Tom Biggs ACA CTA, summarises the Chancellor's Summer statement as COVID-19 grips the economy.

Exiting the coronavirus lockdown will hurt profitability

Chris Thompson 01/7/2020 8 minute read

Chris Thompson on the slow return to normal life and the new challenges businesses are likely to face for some time.

COVID-19 Bounce Back Loans for small businesses

Christina Nawrocki 01/7/2020 3 minute read

Christina Nawrocki FCCA details the latest announcements from the government to support small businesses.

Do you need accounting services for your start-up business?

Kathleen Parker 30/6/2020 7 minute read

Kathleen Parker FCCA explains when an entrepreneur will need to choose an accountant and finding the right one for your start-up.

Scaling a business - how to prepare for it

Simon Smith 26/6/2020 7 minute read

Simon Smith FCCA explains what needs to be considered and actioned in order to scale-up a business.

UK Coronavirus (COVID-19): Advice and guidance for SME businesses

Christina Nawrocki 24/6/2020 21 minute read

Christina Nawrocki FCCA, details ideas and support for SME businesses experiencing cash flow issues as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

HMRC to penalise businesses that made fraudulent COVID-19 claims

James Tillotson 23/6/2020 5 minute read

James Tillotson FCA, on how HMRC will extract money back from businesses that didn't qualify for support schemes.

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