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The Annual Investment Allowance - how to use this generous tax break

Beth Whitmore 22/2/2024 10 minute read

Beth Whitmore FCCA, on how SME businesses can maximise the annual investment allowance to achieve potential tax savings.

Kwasi Kwarteng's mini budget - the plan for growth through tax cuts!

Beth Whitmore 04/10/2022 13 minute read

Beth Whitmore FCCA, summarises new Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng's sweeping tax cuts in the 'mini budget'.

How to calculate profit margin for your SME business

Beth Whitmore 12/4/2022 10 minute read

Beth Whitmore FCCA, explains the basics and importance of profit margin to your SME business.

What is corporation tax in the UK?

Beth Whitmore 22/2/2022 15 minute read

Beth Whitmore FCCA explains exactly what corporation tax means for your business and the reliefs and allowances you need to explore.

Why you need to know the working capital formula and ratio

Beth Whitmore 22/1/2021 5 minute read

Beth Whitmore explains the concept and importance of working capital to entrepreneurs.

Why Beth Whitmore is taking on the Herds for Change challenge

Beth Whitmore 05/9/2017 5 minute read

With only 6 days until Bethany Whitmore embarks on her trip to the Mara in Kenya, feelings of nerves and excitement are kicking in.

What you need to know about changes to the VAT flat rate scheme

Beth Whitmore 16/2/2017 4 minute read

Bethany Whitmore explains what the changes to the VAT flat rate scheme are and everything you need to know about it.

What you need to know about online accounting software [Free eBook]

Beth Whitmore 01/10/2015 1 minute read

Bethany Whitmore introduces the blueprint for business owners on managing their back office electronically through the cloud.

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