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The next chapter at Wellers: Meet new Managing Partner, Simon Smith

Chris Thompson 27/3/2024 6 minute read

Chris Thompson reports on Christina Nawrocki handing over the reins to Simon Smith, our new Managing Partner at Wellers.

I am delighted to share some Wellers' news that Simon Smith is taking over as our new Managing Partner effective from 1 March 2024!

This represents another exciting chapter in our on-going journey and we offer a heartfelt thank you to Christina Nawrocki for her time, dedication, and effort in the role. Simon looks forward to continuing all the progress Christina made, and we're grateful that she will continue as a partner, managing her client portfolio whilst also continuing her role on our board, contributing to the strategic running of our firm.

The change in leadership is part of our firm's commitment to good governance, through fixed terms in the Managing Partner role. This is done with a view to maintaining energy, whilst also ensuring the firm benefits from a fresh perspective in response to changing needs in the marketplace and helping us develop a diverse range of leadership candidates for the future.

The natural progression of this passing of the torch means our vision and culture remain steadfast. It's a case of evolution, not revolution, so we're confident the future will shine as bright as ever at Wellers!

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Meet our new managing partner, Simon Smith

In his 40th year at Wellers (accumulated tenure), Simon takes on the role heading up our firm. Since the day he arrived in 1984, to then becoming a partner, Simon's approach to service delivery has always been about teamwork and making our firm better. He has led our Banbury office for many years, looking after our clients in North Oxfordshire and the East Midlands. 

Simon has driven progress at that office through clarity, and empathy, and in so doing he's achieved exceptional results. This is because he has a wealth of experience helping clients scale-up into high growth businesses. It is that very knowledge, garnered over several years, and those exact skills, that Simon will apply to his new role leading Wellers. It's all very exciting for us and means we have a lot to look forward to.

Simon explains:

'We have achieved a lot in recent years by expanding our client base and adopting new technologies to further enhance our client service delivery. The coming years will no doubt see more significant transformations in software that further develop how we deliver our work.

'I see my role as continuing the foundation and great progress of Christina's tenure, helping us adapt to a rapidly shifting marketplace, all whilst staying true to the values and origins that have served us so well for 8 decades. In this potentially bright, exciting future we can't forget out past.

'Our culture is all about building and developing relationships, after all that's how business gets done. Teamwork has, and always will remain, critical to this in delivering bespoke advice and services to help and support our clients. 

'We achieve the personal approach because of our culture of being a very tight knit bunch. That means we understand and play to people's strengths, we appreciate each other's contributions, and we're united in the common goal that we (both as a firm and individuals) grow and develop by helping our clients achieve their aspirations.  

'I can't wait to see what how things unfold, and look forward to posting many more blogs about service developments, client successes, and rejoicing in the growth of our people. There is so much to look forward to.'

Thank you to Christina Nawrocki

On behalf of the partnership I'd like to thank Christina for her dedication and commitment which have been second to none in the role. She was honoured to be considered for the position at the time of her appointment and embraced the challenge of leadership with real vigour.

Little did Christina know that a couple of years into the role, the world would be thrown into the chaos caused by Covid-19, and subsequent lockdowns. The enforced changes brought about by these events was an enormous challenge to everyone, none more so than leaders trying to navigate a path through very uncertain, and challenging, terrain.

Despite the travails of sudden and enforced remote working, Christina and the partnership pivoted by implementing new policies, underpinned by our vision, and ensured the firm continued to grow through, and out, of the pandemic. It was quite the achievement and something we're all very proud of her for. 

In her own words:

'It has been an incredible opportunity, and a real honour to lead our firm, especially as I was just the second female Managing Partner. Having started at Wellers as a graduate trainee and ending up responsible for the firm, it doesn’t really get much better than that as far as career progression and life goals go! I have always loved Wellers, and truly believe in the longevity, the potential, and the values of our firm.

'A huge amount has happened over the years, the pandemic being the obvious one. Despite that, as a firm we promoted new Partners and Associates, which is so important to me and my colleagues from a legacy perspective in ensuring the next leaders are coming through. 

'We have developed a more equitable approach to running our firm through an elected board. Its ensured we've delivered a more tiered structure, empowering our people through more collaboration in decision making.

'Thank you to the partners, our employees, clients, suppliers, and contacts for supporting me in the role and helping me to deliver. You're only as good as the people around you, so I'm truly grateful. I’m extremely pleased to be handing over to Simon, I have the utmost respect for him, he's been a partner throughout my whole life at Wellers! He loves the place as much as I do, and under his direction we'll continue to help clients in their quest to fulfil their aspirations.'

The good news is that although Christina is departing the Managing Partner role, she's still a Partner and key person of influence in our firm. Through client service delivery, and as a member of the board, Christina will continue to have a strong role in Wellers' future. She remains committed to our vision, and will continue in helping to guide our growth for many years to come. 

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