Beyond the balance sheet

How to reclaim for UK statutory paternity leave & shared parental leave

Ercan Demiralay 29/11/2019 4 minute read

Ecan Demiralay FCCA examines the alternatives to maternity leave and what SMEs need to know about parental leave.

5 Improvements as a result of technology in business

Ercan Demiralay 29/11/2019 3 minute read

Ercan Demiralay FCCA helps owner managers see the bright side and benefits of technological advances in business.

HMRC PAYE audit warning! Why you need to prepare for it

Ercan Demiralay 22/11/2019 2 minute read

Ercan Demiralay FCCA on the need to plan for the taxman visiting to inspect your payroll records.

7 Recurring revenue business models that can add value to your start-up

Ercan Demiralay 21/11/2019 4 minute read

Ercan Demiralay FCCA on the different recurring revenue models to consider for your new business.

Everything you need to know about your company accounts

Joanne Shea 15/11/2019 6 minute read

Joanne Wyatt explains the basics of company accounts for new entrepreneurs and would be investors.

How to understand the different types of shares & class of shares

Debbie Austin 15/11/2019 6 minute read

Debbie Austin FCCA explains the types of shares and their impact on the ownership of a limited company.

Electric vehicles, are they practical and viable?

Jake Harrison 12/11/2019 5 minute read

Jake Harrison of helloEV, explains how electric vehicles will soon enter the mainstream of personal and business travel.

How to prepare your business for a HMRC tax investigation

Simon Smith 05/11/2019 5 minute read

Simon Smith FCCA on the rise in HMRC tax investigations and why preparing your business for such a situation is wise planning.

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