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A tribute to Brian Dore

Stuart Crook 23/11/2023 1 minute read

Stuart Crook provides a tribute to our former managing partner, Brian Dore, who has sadly passed away.

Our firm is, and always has been, the sum of its parts. As a collective we're very aware of our 80+ years of history that is the culmination of so many different people's time and effort. There are individuals that leave an indelible mark on the places they work at, paving the way for future progress. Today, we remember and honour one of those special people in Brian Dore. 

We acknowledge the vast contribution and impact he had on our colleagues, clients, and the wider Oxfordshire business community. In this post we take a moment to reflect on a life that was well-lived and a legacy dedicated to service.

A life of dedication

Our former managing partner, Brian Dore, devoted over 30 years of his life to Wellers, playing his part in helping to shape the firm into what it has become today. His hard work and commitment to delivering an excellent service to our clients meant Brian embodied the spirit of our firm - referred to as 'Business Oxygen'.


Under Brian's guidance, Wellers expanded its services, diversifying its portfolio and reaching new heights.

Beyond his professional achievements, he was a great mentor, always willing to share his knowledge and skills with others. Many of Wellers' staff over the years credit Brian's guidance and support as instrumental in their own development.

From career advice, imparting technical and strategic knowledge, to simply being a sounding board, the reality is his impact extended far beyond his years at our firm. This is witnessed in his son, Andrew Dore, who rose through the ranks and also became a senior partner at Wellers.


Brian's legacy is not just about the numbers or the accolades. It is about the relationships he fostered, the values he instilled, and the culture he helped create at Wellers. His integrity, collaboration, and ethical practices will continue to guide the firm for years to come.

As we bid farewell, it is important to celebrate the life he lived and the influence he had on us. Let us remember his passion, dedication, and belief in our people.

We mourn his passing while also acknowledging his legacy.


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