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2 New Partners at Wellers!

Simon Smith 09/4/2024 4 minute read

Simon Smith FCCA celebrates 2 promotions to the partnership at Wellers.

I am thrilled to share the exciting news that as of 1st April 2024, Tom Biggs and Ralph Hearn have been promoted to the Partnership at Wellers. This well-deserved promotion is a true testament to their unwavering dedication, hard work, and commitment to upholding our values. Both Tom and Ralph have consistently demonstrated excellence in their interactions with clients and colleagues, embodying our firm's culture and ethos.

While many Partners have spent their entire careers at Wellers, Tom and Ralph have taken a unique and less traditional path to reach this milestone. Their journey to partnership showcases the significant impact they have had in providing top-notch advice, services, and driving forward various projects. It also highlights our firm's commitment to nurturing and developing talent from a variety of backgrounds through effective career planning.

Achieving this career milestone is truly remarkable, especially considering their additional responsibilities of raising new families. We are excited about the fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and practical approaches that Tom and Ralph will bring to the team. To learn more about their inspiring journeys, continue reading below.

Join our team today, for a rewarding accounting career.

Ralph Hearn

Ralph has been at Wellers for just over 10 years and prior to joining us in 2013 he was based at a client's business in the fashion industry. He joined us as a trainee albeit at a slightly older age than is usual for most at that level. 

Hailing from a different work background, and not being fresh out of School or University proved to be both an advantage, and a challenge for Ralph. He set about channeling his practical knowledge, and industry experience, of working with a business owner directly, to maximum effect.


Over the intervening years, Ralph has built great client relationships in London as he has risen through the ranks to Associate level. He has taken on more responsibility in the process, helping to manage the London office. In particular Ralph has had a significant hand in the hiring process in London, helping our HR team in conducting interviews to recruit and retain the right kind of people.

In his time at the firm, he has worked with clients in a broad range of industries including hospitality, retail, architecture, legal practices, and financial services firms. Ralph looks forward to continuing to develop his client portfolio and in particular, the firm's service offering to SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) and FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulated businesses.

Tom Biggs

Tom commenced his career and qualifications, both as a chartered accountant and chartered tax advisor, with a top 5 and big 4 firm. Specialising in tax and working with large, often multinational clients, Tom soon knew that his heart lay more with owner managed businesses. Sensing that he wanted more for his career, Tom came to us to work with a firm that specialises in advising SMEs.

Tom joined us as a Manager in the Summer of 2017. Whilst entering Wellers with a Manager title, given the depth of the change, he had to approach his early days at Wellers almost as if he was a trainee to get used to working across the compliance and advisory services that we offer clients. It was something of a steep learning curve, adapting to a completely different culture, and methods of working.

However, he embraced the learning process, made himself the go-to person for most tax matters across the firm, and has also firmly established himself in the Oxford business scene. Tom is a thought leader at our firm, having embraced the business development function by imparting his knowledge and experience through a wide variety of blogs and videos.

You’ll find Tom in plenty of filmed conversations with our colleague Chris Thompson about various aspects of taxation, bringing a somewhat dry but very important subject matter to life.

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