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2 Promotions to Associate at Wellers

Simon Smith 14/5/2024 3 minute read

Simon Smith FCCA celebrates the promotion of Mike Webb and Doug Saunders to the position of Associate.

I’m delighted to announce that Mike Webb and Doug Saunders have been promoted to the position of Associate. This is a fabulous achievement and they now join Nikita Patel and Jordan Wood at this level in our firm. It's a reflection of all their hard work and dedication over the years in delivering services to clients whilst also managing, training, and upskilling our people.

We set up the Associate role as part of our careers structure at Wellers to:

  • Create a permanent role that helps the partnership lead, and deliver, on it's strategic objectives
  • Provide Managers with a potential stepping stone to becoming the next Partners

We highlight below what they've been working on, the projects they're involved in, and how this is all helping us deliver professional solutions to our client portfolio that helps drive both theirs, and our own business forward. 

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Mike Webb

Like all Associates, Mike will be working closely with the Partners to help with the smooth running of the business, serving as a link between the strategic leadership and operational management of the firm.

Mike has been at the firm for almost 23 years, he is well established across our locations and in particular, in our London office. In that time, he has developed many strong client relationships, with his knowledge and skill set making him a trusted advisor on a plethora of accounting and tax advisory matters.

He will therefore continue to develop our tax specialism, training our staff internally by imparting his knowledge and experience whilst also advising clients, particularly on the more complex and unusual tax cases.

Doug Saunders

Doug, joined Wellers 10 years ago having studied accounting and finance at University. He became ACA qualified in 2016 and having fostered many successful client relationships, he has developed a role heading up digital and software uptake.

As part of this he conducts many systems reviews for clients, across our offices. The role and responsibilities ensure we can help clients implement new technologies to help them obtain more intel and achieve efficiencies in their back office finance functions. He has introduced various software and financial reporting tools in our firm, and he trains our staff in how to deliver these solutions to our clients. 

As an Associate, Doug will continue to monitor and evaluate our use of software, apps, and integrations. This means assessing clients reporting needs, reviewing the market and options, to then implement new systems (where necessary) to enable owner managers to obtain the financial information, and intelligence, that they need to facilitate growth. 

Commence your accounting career at Wellers.

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