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UK EU referendum: What you need to know about how the EU works

Chris Thompson 24/5/2016 9 minute read

Chris Thompson explains the set up and internal legislative workings of the EU in the run up to the UK referendum on membership.

Why Brexit (not Bremain) is the shrewd path in the UK EU referendum

Chris Thompson 18/5/2016 10 minute read

Chris Thompson analyses why Brexit, and not Bremain, is the right course for the UK in the upcoming referendum on EU membership.

UK EU Referendum: 4 Powerful reasons avoid Brexit

Chris Thompson 04/5/2016 7 minute read

A series of posts about Brexit by Chris Thompson, commencing with the key reasons why the UK should stay in the EU - Bremain.

Tech? Your strategic business plan needs to exploit real world experiences

Chris Thompson 04/12/2015 4 minute read

Chris Thompson examines the real world fight back against tech and what it means for your business.

How free is freeconomics for your tech start-up?

Chris Thompson 10/9/2015 7 minute read

Chris Thompson explains how free content in the form of freeconomics can never replace the value of a professional advisor to your tech start-up.

Death of the accountant? Online accounting software & artificial intelligence

Chris Thompson 05/1/2015 7 minute read

Chris Thompson on the future role of the accountant as online accounting  software takes hold and the remarkable advances in artificial intelligence.

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