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Revealing the benefits of the patent application process timeline

Chris Thompson 21/9/2017 4 minute read

Chris Littlewood, Chief Scientific Officer at Filtered, shares his insight into obtaining a patent for their online learning algorithm.

Revealing how to plan & recruit for hospitality staff after Brexit

Chris Thompson 16/8/2017 8 minute read

Matthew Wyatt explains the staffing challenges posed by Brexit and some potential solutions for the hospitality trade.  

The importance of small firms to the economy & how to help them

Chris Thompson 28/7/2017 7 minute read

Chris Thompson on why the Chancellor and Governor of the Bank of England need to help SMEs to fuel the economy.

5 Powerful benefits of employee sabbatical leave

Chris Thompson 03/7/2017 5 minute read

Jasmine Brook, shares her experience of taking a 3 month sabbatical and the surprising benefits this had.

How to NOT take on the Three Peaks Challenge

Chris Thompson 12/12/2016 8 minute read

Chris Thompson recounts how 17 members of Wellers took on the task of climbing three mountains in under 24 hours.

UK EU referendum: What you need to know about how the EU works

Chris Thompson 24/5/2016 9 minute read

Chris Thompson explains the set up and internal legislative workings of the EU in the run up to the UK referendum on membership.

Why Brexit (not Bremain) is the shrewd path in the UK EU referendum

Chris Thompson 18/5/2016 11 minute read

Chris Thompson analyses why Brexit, and not Bremain, is the right course for the UK in the upcoming referendum on EU membership.

UK EU Referendum: 4 Powerful reasons avoid Brexit

Chris Thompson 04/5/2016 7 minute read

A series of posts about Brexit by Chris Thompson, commencing with the key reasons why the UK should stay in the EU - Bremain.

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