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The Spring Statement and important changes for the new tax year

Edward Parker 15/3/2018 2 minute read

Edward Parker FCCA on the key things to watch out for following the Chancellor's Spring Statement.

How to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion in your business

Edward Parker 29/6/2017 5 minute read

Eddie Parker FCCA explains the steps you will need to take to prevent tax evasion occurring in your business.

Selling on the web? Beware latest HMRC online tax crackdown

Edward Parker 19/1/2017 2 minute read

Edward Parker FCCA explains why users of the sharing economy are under the scrutiny of HMRC.

How to find out if you’re affluent courtesy of an HMRC unit

Edward Parker 25/1/2016 2 minute read

Edward Parker FCCA explains the criteria HMRC use to decipher tax payers as affluent for investigatory purposes.

9 Exposed (celebrity invested) tax avoidance schemes

Edward Parker 20/1/2016 25 minute read

Edward Parker FCCA explains the way to identify tax avoidance schemes and what to do if you've already committed funds to one.

8 Tax changes from the Emergency Budget you need to know

Edward Parker 15/7/2015 2 minute read

Edward Parker FCCA highlights the tax changes from the 2015 Emergency Budget that could have consequences for your finances.

Beware! HMRC are now attacking claims for losses

Edward Parker 03/6/2015 5 minute read

Edward Parker FCCA looks at examples where HRMC have disputed successfully people's claims of losses in an attempt to reduce their taxable gains.

How to spot HMRC phishing emails lurking in your inbox

Edward Parker 26/5/2015 5 minute read

Edward Parker FCCA details the emails disguised in HMRC's name designed to defraud you of your money.

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