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What is leadership? Celebrating the announcement of our new Associates

Kathleen Parker 20/4/2018 3 minute read

Kathleen Parker FCCA announces our new Associates and looks into what leadership is really about.

This may sound surprising coming from a firm of accountants, but all too often people can get overly entrenched in metrics. Don't get me wrong we're all for setting targets to work towards, that's vital to progression and growth. However, when organisations become completely consumed in the numbers they risk becoming short sighted and can lose focus of why they are in business.

For us, business is all about people and relationships. Whilst we set ourselves plenty of metrics to achieve, it's with an understanding that this is simply contributing to a far longer term, bigger picture. Our ethos is all about helping people fulfill their true potential. For our clients that's about guiding them in building and deveoping their organisations. 

Internally, leadership is a question of legacy. This means nurturing and developing the next generation to live our mission and values and help take Wellers to the next level. It's why we have a career structure for all staff levels and we're excited to announce the promotion of three of our Managers to Associate status.

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The Associate programme

Looking after our people means training and developing them while also identifying and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. As part of this we set up the Associate role to provide Managers with a stepping stone to becoming the next potential Partners. Therefore we're delighted that Ross Andrews, Joe Lennon and Chris Thompson have stepped up to this level.

We've noticed in many organisations that most training provides people with a means to perform their work to a higher standard. However, such an approach doesn't necessarily equip a potential leader with the necessary empathy or perspective to lead staff and help them perform their work to the best of their ability.


For this reason, Ross, Joe and Chris have undertaken a leadership course with the aim of helping our people and our clients through:

  • The change in mindset they have embraced to meet the challenge of being a leader
  • Understanding what kind of leader they are and what motivates them to step up and help others
  • The new ideas and perspectives that they will look to bring to develop the future of the firm

What is leadership?

For us leadership is about responsibility, specifically being responsible for the lives of others. It's not about rank, rather taking care of those in your team to help them fulfil their potential so that they can serve clients to the very best of their ability. This in turn means we help our clients achieve their goals.

Happy, committed, skilled staff operating in a coherent culture helps our clients thrive which in turn means our firm will flourish. It takes time, investment and extensive effort but developing the next leaders is the lifeblood of an organisation because done well it can ensure that everyone prospers. 

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