Beyond the balance sheet

New tax relief for theatre productions

Matthew Wyatt 05/11/2014 2 minute read

Matthew Wyatt FCA explains the tax credit scheme that has been made available for theatrical productions.

What you need to know about the Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings

Andrew Dore 28/10/2014 4 minute read

Andrew Dore ACA, ATII, explains the Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings and what you need to look out for from changes to the tax bands.

Second homes – the capital gains tax implications of being a part-time occupier?

Christina Nawrocki 03/7/2014 2 minute read

Christina Nawrocki FCCA explains the changes to the tax rules on the sale of second properties.

What should you do about an increasingly aggressive taxman?

Edward Parker 29/5/2014 3 minute read

How you can limit the cost of potentially dealing with an uncompromising taxman in the event of a tax inquiry, by Edward Parker FCCA.

The Annual Investment Allowance increase means it’s time to invest in your business!

Matthew Wyatt 28/5/2014 4 minute read

Why companies need to act quickly to make use of the generous Annual Investment Allowance tax break, by Matthew Wyatt FCA.

Have you declared your second income?

Edward Parker 13/5/2014 3 minute read

New campaign launched to target employed individuals who have not declared their second income for tax purposes writes Edward Parker FCCA.

[Infographic] How to boost your cash flow with R&D tax credits

Ercan Demiralay 25/4/2014 1 minute read

What R&D tax credits/relief could mean for your organisation, by Ercan Demiralay FCCA.

How to reduce your Employer's National Insurance Contribution by £2k through the Employment Allowance

Ercan Demiralay 21/3/2014 2 minute read

If you're an employer operating as a business or a charity, then you're likely to be eligible for the Employment Allowance writes Ercan Demiralay FCCA. 

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