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3 New Partners at Wellers and the importance of leadership

Christina Nawrocki 02/4/2019 4 minute read

Christina Nawrocki on why to lead is to support and news of the latest promotions to Wellers' partnership.

Welcome to our new managing partner

Christina Nawrocki 24/1/2019 3 minute read

Kathleen Parker on leadership and legacy as she makes way for Christina Nawrocki to become Wellers' new Managing Partner.

You don’t want to forget these 5 ways to finance your start-up

Christina Nawrocki 12/12/2018 4 minute read

Christina Nawrocki explains five of the most popular ways to finance your start-up, including crowdfunding which has proven very popular of late.

What the changes in the Budget 2018 will mean for landlords

Christina Nawrocki 29/11/2018 4 minute read

Christina Nawrocki looks at two of the significant changes that will be affecting landlords after Philip Hammond’s Budget 2018 announcement.

Winners at the Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Awards 2018

Christina Nawrocki 14/5/2018 1 minute read

Christina Nawrocki explains the pride and ethos behind Wellers winning the large apprenticeship employer category.

What are the benefits of an apprenticeship for employers?

Christina Nawrocki 17/8/2017 3 minute read

Christina Nawrocki explains what an apprenticeship scheme can mean for your organisation.

Business tax relief - what you need to explore

Christina Nawrocki 02/6/2017 5 minute read

Christina Nawrocki explains how the owners of growing businesses can easily miss out on some key areas of tax planning.

Exam Success! Wellers' staff progress their accounting careers

Christina Nawrocki 12/12/2016 1 minute read

Christina Nawrocki celebrates 10 employees qualifying to advance their accounting careers at Wellers.

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