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How to go about finding the right online accounting software

Ercan Demiralay 20/3/2014 9 minute read

Ercan Demiralay FCCA explains exactly what you need to review when choosing online accounting software for your organisation. 

New technology ("tech") is transforming the way we work. It seems that every week there is an announcement about a new app or piece of software that can improve efficiency, drive down costs or save you time.

Already new tech is changing the way we store and share files, communicate, organise and conduct meetings, project manage tasks and capture, track and store customer/client information. Online accounting software is just another in this ever expanding list. Now you can:

  • Access your latest financial records wherever you are
  • Update your accounts with entries in real time by uploading bank statements and invoice transactions as they happen
  • View your spend, budgets and profits and losses at the press of a button
  • Save money with less of a need for an internal accounts person/team

Perhaps the biggest plus point of online accounting is that it enables you to tailor the information you extract from all your financial data. You can produce customised reports that will assist your business decisions and investments.

Get the right accounting software for your business

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