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Statutory resident? What you need to do to find out

Kathleen Parker 06/4/2017 2 minute read

The Statutory Resident Test (SRT) explained by Kathleen Parker FCCA.

How to sustain business growth with Wellers [Video]

Kathleen Parker 22/2/2017 1 minute read

Kathleen Parker FCCA on how the Wellers approach can help make your business dreams a commercial reality.

Start-up funding - when and why you will need it

Kathleen Parker 21/11/2016 4 minute read

Kathleen Parker FCCA explains the cashflow pressure points for start-ups and how the need for funding will arise.

Fear not! UK exit in EU referendum means remain in the EU - for now

Kathleen Parker 30/6/2016 4 minute read

 Kathleen Parker FCCA on why the UK's vote for Brexit in the EU referendum still means remain in the short term.

3 Peaks and Wellers new corporate social responsibility policy

Kathleen Parker 14/4/2016 4 minute read

Kathleen Parker FCCA on why some of Wellers staff are taking on the 3 Peaks Challenge.

Why an #ICAEWROAR top 10 online influencer listing is remarkable

Kathleen Parker 25/2/2016 3 minute read

Kathleen Parker FCCA explains why Wellers online influencer listing in accountancy is great reason to explore and subscribe.

Revealing 8 important items from the Autumn Statement 2015

Kathleen Parker 02/12/2015 3 minute read

Kathleen Parker FCCA analyses the key areas you need to know about for your business and personal finances from the Chancellor's announcements.

How to apply value added tax rules for a UK removals business

Kathleen Parker 13/11/2015 4 minute read

Kathleen Parker FCCA explains how removers should treat VAT where services are supplied between different locations.

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