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3 Peaks and Wellers new corporate social responsibility policy

Kathleen Parker 14/4/2016 4 minute read

Kathleen Parker FCCA on why some of Wellers staff are taking on the 3 Peaks Challenge.

In today's modern world, people expect you to run your business both ethically and responsibly. The information age has subjected organisations to far greater exposure as to how they conduct their affairs and in what manner. That can only be a good thing as its forcing companies to consider multiple social and environmental issues in how they produce goods and deliver services.

In line with this Wellers has consulted our staff to develop our own Corporate Social Responsibility policy (CSR). As a business we've always supported various social initiatives and we've now turned this historic work into an official CSR policy. This has been designed to help local communities and organisations to be the best that they can be. Read on to find out about what we're doing and how you can help us help others who need our support.

What we're going to do?

Our mission is to collectively make a real difference. We've offered our staff a day away from the usual office work to instead collaborate and give their time to a cause that really matters to them. Consequently we're coming together as a team to complete challenges outside of our comfort zone, helping worthwhile causes and having fun while we do it!

3 Peaks challenge and other initiatives

Accountants aren’t usually known for their adventurous nature in the great outdoors. So while some of our staff have considerable experience navigating mountains of tax returns, the next logical step was to tackle real life mountains.

To kick off our CSR campaign we will be sending 18 members of staff off to complete the 3 Peaks Challenge from Friday 1st July. This involves climbing the three highest peaks in England, Wales and Scotland in under 24 hours. We will push ourselves hard and aim to complete the challenge in the allotted time!

The mountains we'll scale include:

These are the highest mountains in each country, not the highest 3 mountains in all the countries - over 100 peaks in Scotland are higher than Scafell Pike, and 56 higher than Snowdon.

Whilst some adventurous people will be out on the expedition of their lives, the rest of our staff will help out at local organisations including volunteering at Windale Primary School alongside the Oxford United Community Trust to renovate their playground.

The team taking on the mountains

The members of staff taking part in the 3 peaks challenge are: Ahmed Tarbhai, Akash Agarwal, Beth Whitmore, Edward Parker (driver), Henrietta Hale, Jack Fowler, James Beaumont, Jane Reeves, Jon Simon-Norris, Jonny Tetsell, Joe Lennon, Kate Swain, Kathleen Parker, Natalie Sansome, Ross Andrews, Steve Beck, Andrew Radford, Tom Walker, Stuart Crook and Chris Thompson.

The causes we're doing this for

We're doing this for some great causes which include:

The future

The 3 peaks is just the beginning. We're aiming to run fundraising events throughout the year. We have an extensive business network, local communities and a wide array of friends and families we hope will come together to donate and help to make a difference! This is to provide a source of income to the local causes that really matter to our staff and are in real need of both our time and money during these economically challenging times.

Please visit our VirginMoneyGiving page and donate. We'll need all the motivation we can get to complete the 3 peaks challenge in less than 24 hours!

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