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How to compare online accounting software providers

Joe Lennon 26/5/2016 4 minute read

Joe Lennon FCCA assesses the different cloud software and online accounting providers in the marketplace.

What are management accounts? Why you need professional advice

Joe Lennon 24/3/2016 5 minute read

Joe Lennon FCCA on why management accounts combined with an advisor of calibre are vital ingredients to business growth.

Risky tax avoidance schemes are being exposed gradually [Video]

Joe Lennon 23/2/2016 1 minute read

Joe Lennon FCCA shares a Dispatches programme on how some people use avoidance schemes to pay little to no tax.

How to improve your community with an SITR investment

Joe Lennon 24/4/2015 5 minute read

Joe Lennon FCCA on how you can help a community by investing in a social enterprise through the Social Investment Tax Relief scheme.

Why tax is due on the interest payment of your PPI compensation

Joe Lennon 05/1/2015 2 minute read

Joe Lennon FCCA explains the tax you may owe on the interest received as part of your PPI compensation.

Online accounting software & bank feeds – check the terms & conditions

Joe Lennon 27/11/2014 3 minute read

Joe Lennon FCCA on the need to check the T&Cs of your business bank account before incorporating an online accounting software bank feed.

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