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PODCAST: How to thrive in retail & on the high street with Fiona Davis

Chris Thompson Aug 28, 2019 2:15:00 PM 2 minute read

Fiona Davis is a brand professional, retail thought leader, speaker, author, and mentor. She works with organisations to help them connect with their customers and build great brand experiences. Fiona has worked with and transformed many retail and fashion businesses. In this episode we explore the framework for what’s needed to achieve success on the high street during such an uncertain time for retailers.

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By listening to this episode you’ll understand:

  • Why it’s up to brands and retailers to save the high street
  • The need to keep pace with customer preferences and create a memorable experience
  • How some brands have succeeded by adapting to changing consumption habits
  • Why some of the most exciting independent retail brands are led by founders with a very clear purpose who have spotted clear gaps in the marketplace
  • The need for more women in leadership and board positions

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