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PODCAST: Electric vehicles in the UK with Jake Harrison

Chris Thompson Feb 6, 2020 4:40:38 PM 3 minute read

In a world warming up, the car, that traditional symbol of freedom, is sighted as one of the chief culprits for carbon dioxide emissions!

It appears our liberty has come at a cost to the environment. Many blame capitalism for how the system fuels consumer demand with reckless abandon. What price growth? However, the innovation of capitalism will likely develop the solutions to our environmental problems. Electric vehicles (EVs) could for example could be a significant contributor to helping reduce the discharge of carbon through the use of fossil fuels.

There's further good news for businesses. EVs have developed to the point where they are now a viable potential alternative to petrol and diesel motors. This means there's now a range of EV models in the UK that are cost effective alternatives to existing fleets.

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For this episode of 'Beyond the Numbers', Jake Harrison of HelloEV joins Chris Thompson to discuss all things EVs:

  • Why electric cars present an opportunity to businesses
  • How the running costs compare to petrol and diesel equivalents
  • Exploring the benefits and practical matters surrounding battery power cells
  • The developments in infrastructure to support this emerging change in transportation

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