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Freedom Day - what we got up to on 19 July 2021 to celebrate

Christina Nawrocki 03/8/2021 2 minute read

Our team got some time away to celebrate Freedom Day! Christina Nawrocki FCCA shares why we did this and what everyone got up to.

Through the challenges of the last 18 months, our staff have worked incredibly hard to maintain services at our usual level, albeit in an unusual way (yes working from home was new to us too!). They have shown commitment and a level of resilience that we are very proud of.

Given the forced change and stresses brought on by the pandemic, and to help prevent burnout, we decided to give our people the opportunity to celebrate “Freedom Day”! From midday, on 19 July 2021, we closed our offices so that our people could relax, catch up, and connect again.  

Below you can see photos of what everyone got up to! From a pub tour in London, to drinks on a terrace with an amazing view of Oxford, dinner with colleagues, or catching up with friends and family, everyone made good use of the time afforded to them.

Freedom Day first collage of photos

Freedom Day second collage of photos

Freedom Day third collage of photosAs our clients, you're not just buying a service, you're investing in relationships with our people, who deliver the essential advice and solutions you require. Freedom Day along with several other staff initiatives we operate, ensures our employees are sufficiently rested and refreshed, to continue to support you to the highest standards in the long run.

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