Providing an independent and trusted view on the valuations of businesses and assets.

The requirement for a valuation of a company, business or part of a business may be relevant to you for a number of different reasons, as follows:

  • Part of the consideration of a merger, spin-off or corporate restructuring
  • In connection with the sale or purchase of a business
  • The raising of debt or equity finance
  • As part of the formation of a share incentive scheme
  • During the course of succession or retirement planning
  • In respect of litigation, shareholder disputes or the financial aspects of a divorce

Independent advice

All valuations are different and will be affected by the complexity of the entities/businesses involved, as well as the level of contention that can be attributed to the reasons behind the need for the valuation in the first place.

Additionally, the need for truly independent advice in the respect of that valuation may be critical (especially in regards to contentious issues as a result of a dispute).

How we work with you

Whether the valuation is carried out by us directly, or one of our network of sector specific valuators, we would liaise with you to understand the background – exactly what is it that requires a value, for what purpose, for whom and at what date.

Following clarification of these details, we would then assess the wealth and reliability of information available to us before then determining the valuation basis and methodologies that we would use.