Helping businesses understand the options, prepare applications and gain access to funding.


Whatever stage your business is at in respect of its life cycle, the need for adequate funding will be imperative, especially if you have plans for growth (whether that is organically or via acquisition).



The type of finance

From short term working capital requirements to the type of long term financing that might be associated with business acquisitions and major capital investment, the issue of whether debt or equity finance is best for your business will need to be considered carefully.



The options available to you

Our approach is to work with you to understand how and why your funding requirement has arisen. Then we would discuss the various options available to you within the framework of your strategy and what you are looking to pursue. 



Analysis of what is best for your needs

We then highlight the differing characteristics of each type of funding available to you, covering the various costs, benefits and obligations that are typical of each option. We can also construct financial modelling to illustrate the impact of those different options on your cash position and working capital to enable you to make the most informed decision possible.



Introductions to sources of finance

At the point that you’re comfortable with the type of funding that best suits your business needs we would then be able to make the necessary introductions to business angels, banks, venture capitalists and other specialist lenders to ensure you access the necessary finance.