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What you need to know about auto enrolment qualifying earnings

Jasmine Brook 07/7/2014 1 minute read

An infographic to help you determine the members of your workforce who qualify for auto enrolment, by Jasmine Brook.

Following our previous blog post on what auto enrolment means for your business, you may now be wondering which members of your workforce classify under auto enrolment qualifying earnings? This actually only applies to certain personnel and it's determined by their salary and age. To further complicate matters, some of your employees will not qualify but have the right to enrol. Confused?

To start with you need to assess your entire workforce on your staging date (the date when you need to be ready to automatically enrol your eligible employees into a satisfactory pension plan, click on the link to find out when yours is).

Then you will then have to continually:

  • Monitor your workforce details so that when they earn enough or reach a sufficient age, they will be enrolled
  • Assess which new employees should be enrolled on the date they start employment

As you can see the onus is firmly on the employer to get this right and stay compliant so you may find the below infographic particularly useful for understanding who in your organisation is eligible.

auto enrolment

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