Beyond the balance sheet

What is a service charge in a restaurant bill, how to distribute it

Matthew Wyatt 30/1/2017 3 minute read

Matthew Wyatt on the need for more transparency about what is a service charge and how its handled.

Why lobbying to cut tourism VAT in the hospitality trade is doomed to fail

Matthew Wyatt 12/12/2016 5 minute read

Matthew Wyatt argues the hospitality trade needs to turn its focus away from the cut tourism VAT campaign.

For better or worse? Brexit is looming on the hospitality trade

Sample HubSpot User 18/7/2016 4 minute read

Matthew Wyatt explores the potential pros and cons to the hospitality trade of the UK leaving the EU.

Why training will improve productivity in the hospitality industry

Matthew Wyatt 10/6/2016 5 minute read

Training staff to improve productivity must be the priority of the hospitality industry argues Matthew Wyatt.

Sustainability should be an authentic feature of the hospitality industry

Matthew Wyatt 11/12/2015 2 minute read

Matthew Wyatt explains why the hospitality industry must adopt sustainability initiatives as the world embraces clean energy alternatives.

How to administer staff tips and run the tronc scheme

Matthew Wyatt 15/10/2015 2 minute read

Matthew Wyatt assesses the distribution of staff tips and how proprietors can operate the tronc scheme properly.

The National Living Wage - why you need to recruit quality hospitality staff

Matthew Wyatt 08/9/2015 2 minute read

Matthew Wyatt explains the need for hospitality operators to invest in recruiting and training the best employees.

What did the hospitality trade get from the Emergency Budget?

Matthew Wyatt 17/7/2015 4 minute read

Matthew Wyatt examines what the hospitality trade needed from the Emergency Budget and what it received.

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