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Can you build a successful career and not go to University?

Christina Nawrocki 20/2/2014 5 minute read

Christina Nawrocki explains how it's possible for school leavers to build a successful career as an accountant and bypass University.

If you are approaching the end of your school education you could be forgiven for feeling that the only option is to go straight to University. This is because for as long as this author can remember, successive governments and school careers advisors (who are usually school teachers who went to University themselves) have banged the drum about why all students should go on to an undergraduate degree.

Their reasons are many and varied but usually include great career prospects, vocational learning, high level of remuneration long term and the opportunity to further study a subject you enjoy. All of this is perfectly valid and the table below (courtesy of the Higher Education Statistics Agency) demonstrates that many school leavers and their parents bought into this view during the naughties. The number of undergraduates has increased 25% from the 2000/01 academic year to 2011/12.

However, the case for going to University is not always as clear cut as these institutions would have you believe. The rising costs of an undergraduate degree has made this option increasingly expensive to the point of being unaffordable. Not going to University need not spell the end of your career before it has even begun. There are a variety of options available, one of which includes becoming an accountant and business advisor.

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Matthew Wyatt 04/2/2014 3 minute read

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The Christmas rush is long gone and as the owner of an independent hospitality business you're probably breathing a heavy sigh of relief. However, the first couple of months of the year provide a great opportunity for you to sit down with your managers and staff to review the performance of the business. What were your successes and what are the things in your restaurant that can be improved upon from last year? Here are 5 key suggested areas and resolutions for your restaurant business to help focus your mind and develop a strategy.

The threat of insider fraud and how to manage risks

Dr Stephen Hill 06/1/2014 4 minute read

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