Forensic accounting & litigation

Forensic accounting & litigation

Accounting support and tax advice to complement the services of a solicitor.

Wellers can undertake investigation work, forensic accounting and litigation support for law firms, insurers, general counsel and arbitrators.

The nature of these tasks means our services are tailored to your individual needs and those of your advisor. While we can apply a full range of investigative skills,  it is our  objectivity in conducting this work that provides confidence to  our clients.

Examples of work we have conducted includes:

  • Divorce and the division of assets
  • Professional and medical negligence cases
  • Personal injury
  • Business dispute resolutions between partners, directors and shareholders
  • Providing expert opinion to the courts in both civil and criminal areas
  • Producing detailed reports
  • Attending civil courts, tribunals, arbitration and mediation
  • Training specialist expert witnesses